What is possible and what not?

During sessions, following things can be done:

all types of torture, including bondage, spanking, cbt and anal torture.
cross dressing and forced feminization. The Empress has clothes,
  shoes, wigs and make-up available, but you are allowed to bring
  yours too.
couples are welcome if there is at least one submissive
  person included.
needle play and nurse sessions.

Empress Lucy is not a qualified nurse, so only the very basic nurse-session will be performed. The Empress does NOT do injections or withdraws blood. When slaves want to have a needle session, needles have to be purchased from the pharmacy in the slave’s presence.

Please note:

Beginners: there are many people who want to have their first BDSM-experience with a professional. That's why many beginners who have never seen a dungeon from the inside contact Empress Lucy. She loves to play with beginners, but she needs to be informed about their likings. Please inform the Empress about any thing that you absolutely don't want to do before the session starts. It is very important that both parties leave the dungeon satisfied.

Things the Empress does not want to be involved in:

Nudity: The Empress always keeps her clothes on. Slaves not.
Smoking: Empress Lucy is a non-smoker. The dungeon is
  non-smoking too.
Licking: The only exception is made for Her shoes, boots and feet.
Any kind of sex: This is a domination service, not an escort-service.
  There are no sexual services at all.
  The slave is allowed to cum after the session.
Blood play, knife play, cutting, permanent marks or body damage.
Scat: scat is performed in very exceptional cases and require an extra
Nothing that involves children or animals.

Other things that you should know about the Empress:

Your Highness works alone. There is no second Mistress. However, if a slave absolutely wants to play with a second Mistress, arrangements can be made but an extra charge will be added. At this moment there is no female slave available.

Upon request the session can be joined by a Master (dominant European male in his early 40's) or a submissive cross-dresser. More details can be discussed after first contact and this service depends on availability.

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