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First you have to contact the Empress in a very appropriate manner and always address your Highness with “Empress or Mistress”. Always be polite and respectful. When you wish to book a session you have to mention clearly what you like the Empress to do with you and what your limits are. If you have a preference of clothes for the Empress to wear, you may ask that. As well if you like Empress Lucy to wear classic high heel shoes, boots or sandals. First contact is by e-mail and you will get a reply asap. Be patient when it takes a few days before you get your reply.

Important: contact Empress Lucy at least 3-4 days before you want the session! Never mail for a session one day later or the same day.

Because the dungeon is a bit hard to find for new slaves, Empress Lucy will talk to your driver and explain to him my location. You can do this by calling my number which you will get once your session is confirmed. Be on time because Your Highness hates to wait.


To contact Empress Lucy, please fill in the following form. Please do not forget to indicate your e-mail adress so we can get back to you!

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