The Dungeon

The dungeon in Empress Lucy’s private house is carefully designed and equipped with local made furniture. Please note the new outlook to Empress Lucy's dungeon. New paint-job, air-conditioning and a new floor are just a few things that are added. On my return from Europe I took some great new toys and outfits back home for you to enjoy. "Action photos" are soon to follow.
The furniture is made by a local craftsman. It includes the cross, the bondage chair, the bed, the suspension construction and the cage. All the equipment is produced locally or imported from Europe or the USA.

Among Empress Lucy’s favourite equipment is the cane. The cane is made out of rattan and the South of Thailand produces one of the finest species of rattan ideal for corporal punishment. This is also one of the many favourite activities of the Empress: caning a slave’s sorry ass. Marks or no marks, that's up to you. When a slave desires not to have marks, his hands or soles will be severely caned. Next time when you buy some rattan-furniture, you will always remember the Empress.

Attached to the ceiling are two fans who produce some cool air. In addition to that, there is a brand new air conditioning installed to control the temperature of the room. So the tropical head of Phuket will not affect us during our session. The dungeon is entered by a back door who separate the area from private quarters. There is a bathroom available where slaves have to shower before and after the session.

Empress Lucy cares a lot of hygiene and therefore slaves will be told to shower before any session starts. A toilet is available for slaves and it can be used of course for toilet games. Please note that the dungeon (and the entire palace of Your Highness) is a non-smoking area. Slaves who do smoke are asked to do this outside.

© by Empress Lucy