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Empress Lucy is a Thai professional Mistress gifted with the art of domination. Originated in the Southern province of Surat Thani, she came to Phuket at the age of 21 and started working here. Despite living in a country with no BDSM-culture she was a very quick learner when first introduced to the scene in 1998. She developed a fetish for shoes, boots, latex and rubber. The tropical climate of Phuket, however, makes it very difficult to keep rubber gear in good shape. More and more she learned about BDSM through various contacts with various people. In 2001 she decided to become a professional Mistress and had her dungeon built by a local craftsman.

The dungeon, a state of the art torture palace, is equipped with air conditioning and has seen a complete make-over in 2013. It is the perfect place where you will be feeling (un)comfortable. Empress Lucy is skilled in all forms of domination and is very experienced in Japanese bondage, whipping and caning, foot and shoe worship, forced feminization and cbt.

Empress Lucy's torture-house is located in a private residential area and therefor a bit hard to find on your own. After confirmation of your session you are requested to call (you get the number upon confirmation of the session) so that she can explain details to your (taxi)driver.

This service is open for males, females and transsexuals.

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